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The biggest deterrent to ferret ownership is their musky smell. Mom's in particular seem to be most negatively affected. If they smelled (or didn't smell actually) like cats they could be considered one of the best pets: small, smart, comical, trainable.

Ferrets have anal scent sacs that are used to mark territory in wild ferrets. However, most ferret breeders remove these glands in both male and female baby ferrets before they are sent to market. The biggest contributor to ferret smell are the musk glands in the skin, concentrated around the face and over the rest of the body. They remain intact. They are primarily activated by sex hormones. Therefore, the BEST odor prevention is to spay or neuter your ferret! (not to mention the health benefits that spaying will have for your female ferret)

Over-bathing strips your ferret's skin of natural oils needed to keep it supple and strong. If his skin dries out, it will stimulate his musk glands to overproduce to compensate for the lack of oils - exacerbating the ferret smell issue. Bathe only once a month or so and use a ferret-only, high-quality shampoo. It may cost a little more, but it is researched and developed to replenish the oils to keep the skin from over-producing the objectionable oils.

Dirty Ears can cause ferret odor problems. Ferrets get waxy build up in the ears just like other animals, only maybe a little more frequently owing to the high gland secretions. They can also get ear mites - particularly if they go outside frequently or live with dogs or cats who do. Check his ears periodically and clean with a ferret ear cleaner solution.

Ferrets that are fed on low or no-grain diets will normally eat less and receive more nutritional value than ferrets fed low quality high-grain diets. That actually makes higher quality ferret food more economical to say nothing of the clean-up. Ferrets fed high quality diets will excrete less with less odor, making clean up much easier. (You will notice the stools will be smaller, dryer, darker, and less smelly)

Ferrets fed low quality fats such as beef tallow will also have stronger fat excretions in the skin, heightening their body odor. Beef tallow also makes their eliminations more stinky. Ditto fish oils. Try different foods to find one that suits your olfactory senses better.

His litter box must be scooped of fecal matter twice a day if possible and changed completely each week (Including washing the pan) Mom will not abide a dirty litter box. The best litter we have found is re-cycled newspaper or alfalfa pellets. The former is just great all around. The latter actually has a great clean scent of its own.

Some products will help by working from the inside out to help control litter box odor. A daily additive to his water bowl may help to neutralize odors before they make their way out in the stool. However, they are not a substitute for cleaning the box.

Because he rubs his skin and hair against all of his cage accessories, it is important to wash them frequently (about once a week or so). His hammocks and bedding may wear out a little sooner, but your whole house will smell better. Keep an extra set of hammocks and toys to change out as you wash. He will love the variety anyway.

Ferrets prefer to eliminate in corners. Make it easy.

Ferret Corner Litter Pan

Hi-Corner Litter Pan (SP62143 flat front) is our best selling original design! The Hi-Corner Litter pan is the perfect litter pan for ferrets and other pets. Yes, small animals can be litter trained. The Hi-Corner Litter Pan fits easily into small animal cages. It features elevated high corners to help accommodate messy back-ups, while also preventing messes and litter from scattering outside the cage. It is constructed of easy-to-clean, stain and odor resistant plastic and is available in four assorted colors.
For: Chinchillas, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Pet Rats, Rabbits, Unusual Pets

SP62146 is our Large Hi-Corner Litter Pan. It is a giant version of the original design. It's perfect for large ferrets, big bunnies and other pets. The Large Hi-Corner Litter Pan fits into large small animal cages and it can also be used outside the cage for pets that are fully "liberty" trained. The pan features elevated high corners to help accommodate messy back-ups, while also preventing messes and litter from scattering outside the cage. It is constructed of easy-to-clean, stain and odor resistant plastic and is available in four assorted colors.
For: Ferrets, Rabbits

This high back corner litter pan saves valuable floor space in your ferret's home, and still give them plenty of room to eliminate.

Two sizes in plastic: Regular (13.75"L x 10"W x 6.5"H) for one ferret. Large (20"L x 11"W x 9"H) for multiple ferret households.

Part #Items with * or ~ in their description are oversized & require extra freight charges which will show in the order cart.Quantity
SP62143 * Regular Corner Litter Pan $ 5.49
SP62146 * Large Corner Litter Pan $ 9.49

Ferret Toy
Corner Litter Scoop is specially designed to complement Critter Litter and Super Pet Litter Pans.

Corner Litter Scoop For Ferrets

One piece plastic construction featuring a wide scoop for sifting through used litter, with ferret head design on the handle.

    Corner Litter Scoop Features

  • One of a kind corner design
  • Works great with all types of litters
  • Stain and odor resistent plastic scoop is 11.75" long
Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
SP62152 Corner Litter Scoop for Ferrets $ 2.39

Back-2-Nature small animal bedding and litter pellets are made from over 99% recycled paper with no additives or chemicals: Better for your small animals. Better for you. Better for the environment. ...


    Back 2 Nature Small Animal and Ferret Litter Features:

  • Natural odour control tokeep litter boxes and cages sweeter
  • No additives or chemicals to damage highly sesnsitive critters
  • Highly absorbent - superior performance means less waste. Economical & long lasting
  • Suitable for rodents, mammals, birds and reptiles
  • Biodegradable. Won't damage the environment
  • Lightweight - easy to handle. Handles on packs make them easier to lift, carry and use
  • Virtually dust-free - reduces tracking & will not mark floors. Neither is it inhaled by your fuzzies.
  • Easy pour spout makes them easier to pour and gives more control.
Part #Items with * or ~ in their description are oversized & require extra freight charges which will show in the order cart.Quantity
BC47030 * Back-2-Nature Small Animal Litter; 30 Litres $ 11.83

Yesterday's News Cat, Small Animal & Ferret Litter is made and tested specifically for small animals.

Yesterday's News Small Animal & Ferret Litter

Yesterday's News is pelleted from specially processed recycled newspaper, combined with a unique ingredient that eliminates odor on contact, and is 100% non-toxic.
No more inhaling or ingesting harmful chemicals or dust.
No more scraping or caking in your cage pan.
Absorbs up to three the moisture of other litters. No perfumes or masking odors.
  • Super absorbent
  • Dust Free
  • Non Allergenic
Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
Part #Items with * or ~ in their description are oversized & require extra freight charges which will show in the order cart.Quantity
YN80010 * Yesterday's News Sm Animal & Ferret Litter, 15 lb $ 8.95
YN80010/2 * Yesterday's News Sm Animal & Ferret Litter, 15 lb; 2 pack (= 30 lb Total) ($16.99 plus $15.00 oversize shipping.) $ 16.99

Add to your ferret's daily food and deodorize his stool, urine and body internally. ...


Now for the first time, say good-bye to litter-pan odor forever. Just a few pumps of this safe and natural liquid on your ferrets food or in the water everyday, and in as little as one week, you'll notice the absence of smell from your ferrets waste. Contains a patented blend of amino acids and enzymes that "digest" odors before they're produced..

    Marshall Ferret Bi-Odor Waste Deodorizer Features:

  • Reduces odor in just days
  • Easy to use. Just feed with daily ration.
  • Works internally to neutralize odor from the inside - before it gets to the litter box
Part #Items with * or ~ in their description are oversized & require extra freight charges which will show in the order cart.Quantity
MARFS186 Marshall Ferret Bi-Odor Waste Deodorizer; 8 oz $ 10.79
MARFS212 Marshall Ferret Bi-Odor Waste Deodorizer; 32 oz $ 23.99

Ultra violet Urine Detector reveals hidden urine spots that are undetectable to the human eye...

Simple Solution Urine Spot Detector

Works on any surface including carpet, upholsterey, concrete, tile, sheet rock and more.

Simple Solution Spot Spotter Blacklight shows urine odor sources in carpets when there are no stains. Simply hold the "Spotter" over carpet and invisible odor sources become visible. Once you find it, you can treat it with a stain and odor remover.

Under the Spot Spotter light, pet urine illuminates yellow-white when dry and blue-white when fresh.

The average life of the bulb is up to 5000 hours. Compact size makes it easy to carry around and use.

Battery operated (battery not included)

12.5"L x 2"W x 1.5"D

Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
BR11350 Spot Spotter Ultraviolet Urine Detector $ 23.49

Now you can do the job of a professional for a fraction of the cost by using SIMPLE SOLUTION® Carpet Shampoo...

Simple Solution Carpet Shampoo

Formulated with the same advanced cleansers used by professional carpet cleaners, this shampoo deep cleans and helps renew carpet and fabric color. This low-foaming concentrate works great in all brands of home extraction machines. Highly concentrated - each ½ gallon container dilutes with water to make 32 gallons!
Part #Items with * or ~ in their description are oversized & require extra freight charges which will show in the order cart.Quantity
Orders of multiple single packs will be billed at multiple pack rates where the number of individual items equals the multiple pack.
BR20122 Simple Solution Carpet Shampoo; 1/2 gal $ 10.29
BR20122/6 Simple Solution Carpet Shampoo; 1/2 gal (6 Pack) $ 59.64

Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover's enzyme-based formula removes even the toughest protein-based ferret stains and odors. It also aids in housebreaking by eliminating odors that attract ferrets to soiled areas...

Nature's Miracle Just for Ferrets Stain & Odor Remover

If urine stains are not visible on the carpet, use the blacklite to find out exactly where the urine is.
Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
NM5177 Nature's Miracle Just Ferrets 32oz $ 4.99
BR11350 Spot Spotter Ultraviolet Urine Detector $ 23.49

All-natural, citrus-scented. Our patented technology uses trillions of natural enzymes and co-enzymes to break down undesirable organic materials safely and effectively: resulting in a healthier pet environment...

No Odor

Natural Chemistry's products are inspired by processes that occur in the natural world.

No Odor is a specifically formulated mixture of citrus scents and enzymes to effectively eliminate airborne odors from any source.For use on or around any fabrics, flooring, pet habitat, and other surfaces within habitats. Safe for use on all strong animal odor sources, can even be used when pet is in it's habitat!

  • Safe, yet powerful
  • All natural
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Easy to use
  • Unconditionally guaranteed
  • Citrus scented

NEW 22oz bottle with trigger sprayer!

'It's not enough to be safe and non-toxic. Each product must outperform its synthetic and non-friendly counterpart.'

    DeFlea Spray Features:

  • Can be sprayed directly on pets, carpets, upholstery & any other surfaces
  • Only EPA registered flea killer that can be safely used in conjunction with all spot-on type products
  • Helps prevents future infestations with regular use
  • EPA approved label requires NO HAZARD WARNINGS! Lowest possible toxicity ratings in all EPA categories
  • Contains no pyrethrins or similar chemicals
  • Unconditionally guaranteed !
NOTE: When using on cats, we recommend that the cat be rinsed (especially in the face area) and dried after application. This will prevent ingestion of large quantities of the product during the kitten's normal self-grooming process. It is vital for young puppies and kittens to maintain a normal body temperature. Take precautions to provide a warm environment during and after bathing.
Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
NC02611 Natural Chemistry No Odor, 22 oz $ 5.99

Quickly deodorizes a critter's cage.

Clean Cage

Clean Cage is a fresh smelling formula to safely clean and deodorize your small animal's home. The non-toxic cleaner and deodorizer contains a unique combination of environmentally safe cleansing agents plus refreshing odor control properties to safely clean and sanitize your pet's home and accessories.

Clean Cage Wipes are the quickest clean-up for critter cages. These non-toxic, heavy-duty pre-moistenedwipes are the "E-Z" way to clean and deodorize any small pet's home. Clean Cage Wipes are perfect for dailyclean-up and touch-ups in between weekly sanitizing with Super Pet Clean Cage Safe Deodorizer.

For: Chinchillas, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters Mice & Gerbils, Pet Rats, Rabbits, Unusual Pets

Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
SP63062 Clean Cage Critter Cage cleaner Spray; 16 oz $ 6.29
SP63064 Clean Cage Critter Cage Cleaner Spray; 32 oz $ 8.99

Ferret Shampoo & Sprays

Ferretsheen Shampoo's powerful microencapsulated enzymes attack strong odors caused by glandular excretion in ferrets.

Ferretsheen Shampoo & Deodorizing Spray

It deodorizes without dulling the coat or drying the skin. Gentle aloe vera and rich jojoba oil leaves ferret coats shiny and healthy. Cleans and conditions.

Deodorizing Spray keeps ferrets smelling fresh. Used daily, it conditions skin, cleans, softens, and brightens the coat. Relieves minor skin irritations, helps relieve dry skin, and also prevents excessive shedding.PH balanced and Recommended by veterinarians

Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
EIH416 8in1 Ferretsheen Ferret Shampoo, 10 oz $ 4.99

Marshall Conditioning Shampoos keeps ferrets' coats smelling and looking clean and fresh.

Marshall Ferret Shampoo, Tropical Creme Rinse, And Coat Conditioning Sprays

Perfectly pH balanced formulas for the skin and coat of all ferrets. Marshall shampoo will control daily odors and won't strip essential body oils.

Coat Conditioning Spray is a Daily, odor-controlling, Spritz with Baby Fresh Scent. Great for daily use between shampoos. Contains a unique blend of conditiioners, aloe vera, odor modifiers and nuetralizers to condition and deodorize ferret's coat.

Ferret Tropical Blend Creme Rinse has gentle pH balanced conditioners to leave a fresh tropical aroma and enhances ferret's overall appearance..

Ferret Cologne makes ferrets smell heavenly. Non-drying, alcohol-free formula. Fragrance lasts for hours.

Three Great Shampoo Formulations

    Original with Baking Soda:

  • Has baking soda and natural herbs to control odor
  • Gently cleans without stripping essential body oils.

    Brightening Formula:

  • Has optical brighteners to enhance ferret's coat
  • Excellent for all coat colors

    Aloe Vera Formula:

  • No-tears formula is "baby safe" and gentle to ferret's skin
  • Contains special blend of aloe vera and eucalyptus for clean smell and soft coat
Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
MARFG020 Marshall Ferret Conditioning Shampoo; Baking Soda, 8oz $ 5.69
MARFG227 Marshall Ferret Conditioning Shampoo; Aloe Vera, 8oz $ 5.69
MARFG228 Marshall Ferret Conditioning Shampoo; Brightening, 8oz $ 5.69
Creme Rinse
MARFG229 Marshall Ferret Tropical Blend Creme Rinse, 8oz $ 5.99
MARFG021 Marshall Coat Conditioning Spray, 8 oz $ 5.99
Add a cozy towel
MARFG211 Marshall Ferret Drying Sack $ 8.69

Simply bathe ferret, place in the sack and let them roll around to dry.

Marshall Ferret Drying Sack

Simply bathe ferret, place in the sack and let them roll around to dry.

One of a kind Drying Sack is just what ferret's need for fun bath time. String with locking clasp keeps ferrets safe while mesh vetn allows for air movement and viewing pleasure. Machine washable.

Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
MARFG211 Marshall Ferret Drying Sack $ 8.69

The safe shampoo that leaves pets shiny and smelling fresh.

Squeaky Clean Shampoo, Quick 'n Clean Instant, & Smellin' Good Spray For Ferrets

Squeaky Clean Shampoo : is the safe shampoo that leaves ferrets shiny and smelling fresh. Gentle, tearless ferrets shampoo cleans, conditions, and deodorizes your ferret. Long-lasting tropical blend fragrance leaves your ferret smelling as fresh as the tropics!

Quick 'n Clean: The no-rinse spray shampoo that makes bathtime a breeze.
Quick & Clean Instant Shampoo makes bathtime a breeze! Non-irritating leave-on formula is tearless and gentle on your ferret's sensitive skin. Just spray the no-rinse shampoo on your ferret, let dry, and brush your ferret. Enjoy your ferret's shiny coat and the refreshingly clean tropical scent!

Smellin' good Spray Fragrance: The pleasant spray fragrance for pets and their premises.Pamper your ferret with this pleasant aroma and refresh its home with the scent of the tropics every time you use Smellin' Good Spray Fragrance. This super safe spray solution controls odor in the cage, on the pet and around the home. The non-toxic formula is perfect for between baths and environmental odor control.

Tearless and Tropical Blend scented for a clean, happy ferret.

Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
SP63034 Quick & Clean Instant Critter Shampoo; 6 oz. $ 4.99
SP63044 Smellin' Good Critter Spray Fragrance; 6 oz. $ 4.99

Grooming Tools & Supplies

Guillotine-style nail clipper for all breeds.

Ferret Nail Trimmer

Stainless Steel pliers-type clipper with non-slip handles and a spring for a clean, fast clip.

Be sure to have Nail Styptic Powder on hand for any unseen blood vessel.

Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
MF767 Miller's Forge Heavy Duty Nail Trimmer $ 16.99

For use on ferrets, dogs, cats, and birds...

Kwik Stop

An aid to help stop bleeding caused by clipping nails, docking tails, trimming beaks and minor cuts. This veterinarian approved formula can be applied with a cotton applicator or finger tip. Place powder on nail and apply pressure for a few seconds. For external use only.

Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
GIM60001 Kwik Stop; 1/2 oz $ 5.89
GIM60002 Kwik Stop; 1.5 oz $ 10.99

For routine cleaning and ear mite prevention.

Marshall Ferret Ear Cleaning Solution

Utilizing Eucalyptol which helps promote healthy ear tissue and aids in the prevention of ear mites. Marshall Ear Cleaner washes away dirt and wax painlessly without the use of swabs.
Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
MARFG084 Marshall Ferret Ear Clean Solution, 4 oz $ 6.99


Ferret Smell